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tampere thai hieronta suomi sex tube

to Bomis the company maintained m and fo, 3 which featured pictures of nude women. D2 Richardson 2004,.

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Basler Zeitung (in German). 37 In June 2003 Wikipedia was transferred to a nascent non-profit organization, the Wikimedia Foundation, 7 12 which was formed as a charitable institution to supervise Wikipedia and its associated wiki-based sites. 17 In August 2004 Wales was chief executive officer of Bomis, 108 and on September 20 Wikipedia reached the million-article mark on an expenditure of 500,000 (most directly from Wales). 33 Nupedia content was merged into Wikipedia, 34 and it ceased in 2003. Barnett, Cynthia (September 2005). 3538 a b c d e Lewis 20,. Wales co-founded Bomis in 1996, with business associates Tim Shell, 4 24 31 and his then-manager Michael Davis, as a for-profit corporation with joint ownership. Kleinz, Torsten (January 15, 2011). 1 a b Greenwald 2013,.


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Retrieved January 22, 2014. Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia. "Jimmy Wales isn't a billionaire; He hasn't capitalized on Wikipedia, but still lives a jet-setter's life". From left to right standing: Tim Shell, Christine Wales, Jimmy Wales, Terry Foote, Jared Pappas-Kelley, Liz Campeau (Nupedia employee standing almost completely behind Rita Sanger Rita Sanger, Jason Richey, Toan. 20 60 It later focused on male-oriented content, including information on sporting activities, automobiles and women. "The humble beginnings of CEO big shots: Jimmy Wales". "People Who've Shaped The Internet". Archived from the original on January 14, 2002. Ward, Cotton (September 9, 2000). "Week 5b: Lessons of Wikipedia".

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"Wikipedia Founder Edits Own Bio". Hickman, Martin; GeneviAve Roberts (February 13, 2006). "Feature The world of wikinomics". How Wikipedia Works: meriton grand conference spa hotel kokemuksia seksi mikkeli And How You Can Be a Part. A b "Williams Tower". Greenwald, Ted (March 19, 2013). "Wikipedia dilemma; Struggling free info site grapples with selling ad space". 104 105 When the foundation was established, its staff began to solicit public funding 104 and Bomis turned Wikipedia over to the non-profit. Next Generation Democracy: What the Open-Source Revolution Means for Power, Politics, and Change. The New York Times.

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