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escort service helsinki kokkola thai hieronta

If I view a diff for a change made on whatever page, it still shows up as bold in my watchlist. That said, no one seems to have been interested when I tried to discuss how we should deal with CSS for metatemplates. escort service helsinki kokkola thai hieronta


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It was always disabled for new and logged-out users, I'm guessing that Michael Hardy must have enabled it at some point after registering. I see the same. I'm trying to find them again, and I've been searching for half an hour without much luck. Sincerely, Jonathan Morgan Diego Saez-Trumper, Wikimedia Foundation Research Jmorgan (WMF) ( talk ) 15:05, (UTC) brfa for Xinbenlv_bot edit Dear Technical Wikipedians I would like to ask for your opinion on a brfa I am applying for m:Xinbenlv_bot. TheDJ, Neither of those links are working for. Izno ( talk ) 01:11, (UTC) WikiProject Yorkshire clean up list edit Hello all, sorry about this but I am a complete novice when it comes to this stuff, hence why I am asking for help. Is this the intended behavior? Diffs in the history don't even seem to remember what article name they were originally diffs. Things should be back up now. . There is an accesskey property on it (default to accesskey"f" in English and for logged in users there is a gadget available in your preferences. For that reason, you should definitely subscribe to the [email protected] mailinglist to keep up to date about the deadlines for such eventual changes. If I visit a page any way other than by clicking on it on my watchlist, it's not marked as read. Thanks, Justlettersandnumbers ( talk ) 18:56, (UTC) phab:T200402, phab:T202833, phab:T18036 - take your pick @ Justlettersandnumbers : - category counts aren't reliable. Basically, a thing that tools were running on changed and not everybody running tools changed yet. Then there are articles with two independent infoboxes because they deal with two different objects or two different events, that share an article because they have certain things in common, such as location - for these, nesting would not be appropriate. 3 Toolforge will shut down the Ubuntu Trusty job grid. Of course, it wouldn't be perfect (for example, if you're banned from editing about a subject, then you're banned from creating pages on that subject, too, even though those new pages won't be in any category yet but it might be helpful overall. 5 PrimeHunter ( talk ) 00:25, (UTC) @ Amaury : Yes, I suggested you could ask at Wikipedia talk:Comments in Local Time. FredTC ( talk ) 11:13, (UTC) Per the tag of the edit you linked to, in this case the culprit was the official Wikipedia iOS app. But then I use MonoBook skin.

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